The History of the Ahegao Face


The Ahegao face is instantly recognizable to all who recognize it, with its cross-eyed drooling facial expression. However, since it has also gained fame and notoriety across the internet, some people have deemed it racist or sexist and others claim it is predatory. This article attempts to look into the origins of the hey gal face and dispel some of the misconceptions about its ahegao history.

How Censorship Created Porn’s New Face of Pleasure

In Japan the journey of Ahegao face began in Japan. Japanese censorship laws forced artists to find innovative new ways to depict sexually explicit situations. Under Japanese obscenity laws, distributing or displaying obscene content could lead to heavy fines or imprisonment. In answer to these restraints, artists started using the ahegao face as a form of self-expression.

In Japanese, the term “ahegao” is a combination of panting and facial expressions. It is an exaggerated and unrealistic portrayal for the almost all Japanese people thus making it a most comic effect. This over-the-top facial expression became a staple in Japanese artwork, including hentai and dojins.

As the ahegao face became more and more popular, it made its way into the the spotlight for cosplay models and adult film actors. Not until it was embraced by personalities like Belle Delphine did katakana move out of the bounds pornography?

The Hype around Ahegao Hoodie

In 2015, a mix of erotic anime figures with the distorted expression of ahegao went viral. Merchandising went even further. This artwork finally appeared as hoodies. After all, it was a controversially designed hoodie with the look of the associated hoodie that became well-liked by attention seekers and those living on the edge.

In addition, some anime conventions elsewhere also prohibit garments portraying the ahegao face such as the SunnyCon Anime Expo, and it decided that way too. Hundreds of people who attended the convention reported they were influenced by their feelings about having children. When some moderators raised concerns with the decision at the time of release, others debated; it exposed the gulf between netizens and outdoor society.

ahegao facemask

Misunderstanding the History of Ahegao face, what it is, and what its future holds

There is wide spread debate about ahegao face, however, in order to enjoy a proper understanding of it not merely as a reaction to censorship; one must first understand its root in censorship and its intent was as an expression. Rather than exploitatively racist, but rather as a result of the constraints of Japanese obscenity laws.

It is vital to know and understand the ahegao memes, although opinions on them may be diverse. By all evidences, though, the ahegao face is here to stay. As long as there are rules that must be obeyed, artists are going to get around them and break more, even if they have to push the boundaries.


The “ahegao” face has become a cultural icon in the anime community, yet its meaning is deeply contested. To understand the history and context of the “ahegao” face is to appreciate it not just for its uses but also to challenge any misconceptions. The “ahegao” face, some love and others hate, is fatefully bound up with anime culture.

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